‘Uncompromising’ might be the most accurate way to describe our passion. When we founded our company, we were determined to design children’s furniture with the same level of attention to craftsmanship, material choice and aesthetics as the classic design pieces for adults we’re inspired by.

A few years later, we’ve accomplished this vision in close collaboration with one of Denmark’s most talented and influential designers, Nina Bruun.

Our furniture designs are founded on our shared appreciation for the Danish design tradition and a desire to create simple and timeless furniture for children. Designs that have the ability to live side by side with our general home décor.



Each piece of Oakling furniture is made to last for generations by selecting materials and manufacturing of the highest quality.

Oakling furniture is produced in Europe at a leading facility with a long history of design chair production.

The FSC®-certified oak wood is carefully selected by skilled craftsmen. The assembly is made by hand to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting result.



We believe that using nature’s magnificent materials also comes with an inherent responsibility. And we go to great lengths to work responsibly with nature’s own supply chain.

It takes decades for an oak tree to grow big and strong. So, it’s our responsibility to only put products into the world that will delight users for generations to come.

In order to keep transport emissions to a minimum, we have made a conscious choice to source our materials and produce our furniture within Europe. 



Nothing is more precious than our children, so naturally, safety is at the heart of everything we do. All of our designs are thoroughly tested by the Danish Technological Institute and meet the current European standards.